Prevailing Torque Locking Tuflok®
In every case where a clamping, reusable threadlocking is required, pre-coating with Tuflok® is exceptionally suitable. This means that additional security methods become superfluous. Tuflok® has proved itself successfully worldwide in the automotive, mechanical- engineering, hydraulic, window-construction and electrical-engineering industrial sectors. It can also be used where other systems fail for technical or economic reasons.

Tuflok® 180 (Blue Patch) is a vibration-reduced, partial coating of nylon, which is melted permanently onto the threaded component. This process produces exceptional vibration protection and excellent torque stability in all applications. Tuflok® is ideally suited for applications where continuous adjustments are necessary.

Tuflok® 360 is applied on the entire threaded part circumference and is suitable for applications where a reusable sealing against liquid or gas is required. You can find the same specifications here as in case of Tuflok 180 (Blue Patch).

  • The required clamping effect is achieved by screwing into a nut or a specific component. While screwing, the nylon is compressed. The radial tension created by the elastic deformation of the product causes a retaining by the increase of friction.

    The effect is achieved where the axial clearance between the bolt and nut or specific component is filled with TUFLOK® (1). This TUFLOK® process generates a strong metal-to-metal radial load on the flanks of the nut or specific component, which causes the screw locking (2).

  •       High protection effect
          Vibration-resistant in every position, also particularly suited as an adjusting screw.
          Seals against gases and liquids in case of all-round coating
          Replaces secondary securing elements (washers etc.), which are often forgotten
            during installation or which get lost
          Reusable repeatedly
          No hardening time; can be loaded immediately

          Suitable for all metallic materials and rustproof steels, aluminum and brass

  • This installation of the pre-applied bolts can be implemented by machine or manually with traditional tools. By means of a fully-automated supply system, productivity is increased.

    The bolts or component parts to be coated should be oil- free and grease-free as far as possible. It is not required as mandatory, however, torque values are reduced as a result.
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