Rimlex® Underhead Coating & Scretch Protection

Rimlex® was specially developed as a pre-applied sealing system for plugs and bolts, rivets and screws. For electronic circuit boards, it can be used as a flange gasket and for insulation and sealing.

Function description

Rimlex® is a soft, thermosetting polyurethane resin which is applied to one side of the counterpart. It need to be cured completely before assembly.

Immediate sealing occurs when two components will be compressed by tighten.

It is reusable and can be used for metallic and plastic products.


Product features and properties

Excellent resistance to most oils, fuels, antifreeze and liquids
Suitable for applications with temperatures up to 150°C
Prevents galvanic corrosion between different materials/insulating materials
• Can be attached to almost any head screws
• The consistency after the coating is dry and handy
• Provides repeatable assembly characteristics (Reusablity)
• Reduces noise and vibration
• Fills gaps
• Good adhesion to metals (including aluminum and copper) and hard plastics

Installation and coating

The screws or components need to be free of oil and grease before the coating process can start. The counterpart should be free of burrs and chamfered, to ensure that the material will not be removed or separation during the installation. We will be happy to advise you, on the correct geometry or shape, for a successful seal.