Protection, insulation and sealing rings Nyltite®

Nyltite® is produced from thin-walled tubes, which was developed for sealing and insulating applications. Nyltite products indicate exceptional sealing properties, reduce vibration-related connection defects and have an electrical insulating effect. Here there is a wide range of products available. Under certain circumstances, a specific / project-related manufacture is possible.

Function description

The configuration of this type of sealing has the effect that, in case of a compression pressure on the inward- directed flow of the nylon, all intermediate spaces between fixing and workpiece are filled. The rolled screw threads prevent the outward flow of nylon material.


Product characteristics

• Sealing and protection of almost every type of head bolt
• Effective sealing and protection of self-shaping bolts
• Reusability
• Electrical insulation between bolts and component group
• Avoidance of electrolytic corrosion in the area of application
• Noise reduction
• Vibration damping

Installation and coating

Products with Nytlite® protection and sealing rings require no special preparation of the fixing elements or workpieces, and no adhesives.

For applications which are exposed to ultra-violet radiation, black Nytlite® should be specified. The nylon interfaces prevent damage through surface fragmentation and crack formation of the counter- threads.

We would be pleased if you could inform us of your case of application, then we will review this with our partner and offer you a specific solution.